‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Tell All Recap: Stassi Tells Luke Off & One Couple Gets Engaged

Posted on Feb 24 2018 - 3:38am by admin

‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ may be over, but some of the relationships aren’t. Find who is still happy and in love by reading our recap of the ‘World Tells All’ special!

Right off the bat on the World Tells All special, Bibiana and Jordan have a nice chat. She wasn’t ready for a relationship when Winter Games was filming, but Jordan doesn’t want her to have any regrets. He says he’ll always think of their time together as a “positive experience.” Aw! Courtney and Lily are the first couple who made it to the end of the finale to catch us up on where they’re at now. They’re inseparable! Right after the Bachelor Winter Games finale, they rented an RV and drove from New York to Los Angeles. Courtney says he feels “so utterly blessed” to have found Lily. They’re now both living in LA!

Dean and Lesley are still together. Dean professes his love to Lesley in front of everyone. He then gets down on one knee and gives her a key to his house! She happily accepts and gushes, “I love you.” Stassi and Luke may have left Bachelor Winter Games together, but things didn’t end so well for them. While Stassi and Luke had a connection on the show, after the show ended, Stassi says “it was nothing.” Luke never even asked for her number! Clare defends Stassi and throws so much shade at Luke, implying that he just came on the show to gain Instagram followers and to get more famous. Luke tries to explain himself, but he doesn’t really try. Stassi calls him out on it big time. She says she missed the part where they broke up! Stassi continues to berate Luke, and he just keeps saying “OK” and “yeah” like a total d*ck. She gets up and walks away with her head held high. BYE, LUKE!

As for Ashley I. and Kevin, the first-ever winners of Bachelor Winter Games, they’re still together. They’re taking their relationship day-by-day and just seeing where it goes. Their chemistry is still red hot. They can’t keep their hands off each other during their interview. Thank you, Lord, for letting Ashley I. find love!

But what about Clare? She may have left Winter Games without finding love, but is currently in love! When she got back from Vermont, she had a sweet message from a guy: BENOIT! He walks up from his seat and passionately kisses her. YASSSSS! He reveals that they would spend hours talking to each other on the phone and FaceTiming after they reconnected. Clare’s always wanted a man who wouldn’t give up on her, and she’s found that guy in Benoit.

They both say “I love you,” and then Benoit does something that leaves everyone shocked and in tears. He declares his love for Clare and says he wants to stand beside her forever because they’ll be “a lot stronger together.” He gushes, “I would never ever give up on you.” And then he proposes to Clare with a gorgeous Neil Lane diamond ring. Clare doesn’t waste any time saying yes! Clare and Benoit are engaged! Congratulations to the adorable couple!

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