Baby's life saved by a glint in her eye

Posted on Oct 29 2017 - 12:51am by admin

Felicity Salisbury was born with the eye cancer retinoblastoma but it was only picked up when a family friend said she thought the “cat’s eye” glint needed checking out.

Tests showed that Felicity had three tumours in each eye.

Her mother, Charlotte Salisbury, 32, who lives in Lancaster, said “the sun gave Felicity the appearance of a cat’s eye. I never thought anything of it”.

But in August, when Felicity was nine months, friend Laura Power, 33, came to visit and Charlotte told her what she had seen.

“Laura is a midwife,” said Charlotte.

“She told me to get it checked out immediately.”

Now little Felicity is responding well to chemotherapy with doctors saying the sight in her right eye is saved, while her damaged left eye is now recovering.

Charlotte added: “Her prognosis is good… I’m just so relieved it was caught – and I have my best friend to thank for that. She saved Felicity’s life.” 

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