Aussie flu: Vaccine SHORTAGE as pharmacies running out due to epidemic – are you affected?

Posted on Jan 14 2018 - 6:03pm by admin

Aussie flu is spreading across Britain, and it seems some pharmacies are struggling to cope with the demand.

Six branches of Boots in the UK were unable to offer flu jabs this weekend due to short supply.

What is Aussie flu? Australian flu, a strain of flu known as H3N2, caused havoc in Australia over its winter.

Now it has spread to the UK, as patients are hospitalised under the NHS. But can you die from Aussie flu?

Some 85 people are reported to have died from the flu so far this winter. 

Now it seems the potentially life saving vaccine is running out for new patients.

The discovery arose from an investigation taken out by Sky News.

The branches were located in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and Belfast.

London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds branches said they were currently out of stock of the vaccine.

They could not confirm when new supplies of the vaccine would be delivered.

The Glasgow and Belfast branches contacted did have some vaccine.

However, they were unable to perform the vaccine on new patients thanks to a backlog.

There was “a very high level of demand in the recent week”, a Boots representative told Sky News.

The consequence of this was that “some Boots stores temporarily ran out of stock for a limited time.”

She also said a new supply of the new vaccine was available at the Boots warehouse at present. have contacted Boots for a further comment on the stock shortage.

What are Aussie flu symptoms? Aussie flu symptoms include headaches, sore throat, fatigue and vomiting. 

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