Aussie flu: 56p a day supplements ‘could protect against deadly infection’

Posted on Jan 12 2018 - 4:14am by admin

Aussie flu risk could be lowered by taking omega-3 food supplements, according to a nutritionist and biochemist.

The tablets will help the immune system to fend off unwanted infections, including the deadly Aussie flu, said Wiley’s Finest nutritionist, Babi Chana.

Just one or two capsules a day is needed to protect against the flu virus, which has contributed to 85 deaths from influenza since October, Chana claimed.

Aussie flu symptoms include a sudden fever, headaches, sore throat, diarrhoea and vomiting.

“Omega-3 fatty acids help our immune system resist and fight infections such as colds and flu,” said Chana.

“They build healthy mucus membranes – the delicate skin that lines the airways and digestive systems, which act as a first line barrier guarding against entry of germs into the body.

“What is also crucial is the balance of vegetable oils and fish oils in the diet. In the British diet, there is usually an over-consumption of omega-6 [found in foods such as vegetable oils and artificial margarines].

“Too much omega-6 promotes inflammation, blood clotting and opposes the benefits of omega-3.”

Last month, Public Health England (PHE) revealed vitamin C won’t be able to protect against the deadly flu virus.

There wasn’t enough evidence to suggest Vitamin C will prevent getting flu, the health watchdog said.

But, a new hand sanitising device could reduce the spread of the virus, it’s been claimed.

The PullClean smart doorhandles have hand sanitising dispensers built into doorhandles, making it far easier for people to disinfect their hands when leaving a room.

The main difference between normal flu and Aussie flu are the duration and severity of symptoms.

While flu symptoms usually only last a week or so, the H3N2 influenza virus can last much longer, pharmacist and Jakemans expert Marvin Munzu told

Pneumonia and other respiratory complications can be caused by Aussie flu, he warned.

PHE has urged the public to get the flu jab to lower the spread of the virus. Less than half of adults with long-term medical conditions have received the flu vaccine, it revealed.

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