Arthritis symptoms – just TWO tablespoons of this oil everyday could reduce pain

Posted on Mar 11 2018 - 1:07am by admin
  • Arthritis pain could be eased by adding olive oil to your diet
  • Two to three tablespoons of the oil could relief painful symptoms
  • Olive oil has heart-healthy fats that aim to reduce pain
  • Similar effect as traditional arthritis medication 

Arthritis is a common condition that affects people of all ages, according to the NHS.

Symptoms include joint pain, inflammation, and warm, sore areas of skin around the affected joints.

There’s currently no cure for arthritis, but making the right diet choices could slow down the condition’s progress.

Patients could benefit from adding olive oil to their diet, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

“Extra virgin olive oil goes through less refining and processing, so it retains more nutrients than standard varieties,” it said.

“And it’s not the only oil with health benefits.

“Avocado and safflower oils have shown cholesterol-lowering properties while walnut oil has 10 times the omega-3s that olive oil has.”

Olive oil is packed full of heart-healthy fats, the foundation said.

It has similar properties to non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, which are traditionally used to ease arthritis pain.

About one and a half handfuls of nuts and seeds should also be added to arthritis patients’ diets, claimed the Arthritis Foundation.

Nuts have inflammation-fighting monounsaturated fats, which could reduce pain.

Fish, fruit and vegetables, beans and wholegrains should also be eaten by arthritis patients.

Regular exercise could help to improve arthritis patients’ range of movement, the NHS said.

It could also improve muscle strength, reduce stiffness and improve patient’s energy.

Occupational therapy may also help to reduce severe arthritis pain.

Therapists could advise you on the best equipment to help you live independently.

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