‘Arrow’s Rick Gonzalez Reveals Why You Should Love The War Between Team Arrow & The B-Team

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‘Arrow’s Rick Gonzalez, aka, Wild Dog, explains how the war between Team Arrow and the B-Team will ‘change the entire course of the show.’ He reveals why this is a good thing for you!

In episode 14 of season 6 [March 1], the CW’s Arrow completely shifted. We finally got a cutthroat, edge-of-your-seat dose of a legit superhero-type battle between Team Arrow and the B-Team — A battle that conflicted Arrow lovers everywhere. Why, you ask? It was almost as if you were put in the middle of two of your friends fighting, where you found yourself unable to pick sides, but you just had to choose one. Right now, the tension is at an all time high, and just not in the show. Fans went nuts when the conflict between Arrow‘s characters arose. However, Rick Gonzalez, 38, explained to HollywoodLife.com — at the NBA Store in New York City — why this war is what every Arrow fan needs.

“I think this season is about family, that’s kind of been the theme — Internal conflict with family; How deep does that go? How far can we take it on the show?” Gonzalez, an NBA fanatic, explained. When asked how long this war between as some would say, “the new and the original teams” would last, Gonzalez explained that we have a ways to go. “We didn’t just want to tease the idea that Arrow would have this conflict, then separate and come back right away,” he said. “We wanted to really, I guess enjoy that process of creating that turmoil [between Team Arrow and the B-Team].

As for what’s to come and what fans should expect? — “I think we’re going to try and complete the circle, so I think in terms of the fans — Some are divided and some are OK with it. We knew that was going to happen,” Gonzalez admitted. “In season 6, we still had to find a freshness within the show, and that war got people to talk.” Can’t argue that! “There’s going to be some things in the next couple episodes that will change the course of the entire show and I think just with last week’s episode [March 1, episode 14], that was a pivotal moment and things will change from there,” he teased.

Despite the on-screen battles, Gonzalez said the cast has never been closer. “We love it,” he said of the cast’s take on the major divide within Arrow. “We love each other and we respect each other in the work, and we have the comfortability of coming onto set and knowing we’re enemies as characters. And, it’s a little weird, but there’s this energy that we throw at each other,” he said, adding that he loves where the show is at right now. “For the good of the show, we want to give fans a story and an arc that they don’t see coming. So, we have to toss wrenches in there and break it up.” You can say that again!

HollywoodLife.com caught up with Gonzalez while he was in New York City at one of his and our favorite spots, the NBA Store. Therefore, we couldn’t help but dive deep into hoops. A New York native, you probably would’ve guess Gonzalez is either a Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks fan, right? Well, think again. “I know it’s going to sound crazy, but, as a kid, I grew up watching the Knicks,” he said, adding that that all changed when he moved out to California. “I was a Knicks fan, but when I moved to California, I met my wife and I was in limbo… and not so much a Knicks fan anymore. I saw the love of the Lakers through my wife’s eyes and I just became a Lakers fan,” he explained.

Now, he has a deeper understanding for the game, and his beloved Lakers. “I see the passion for the game and I have a deep respect and love for the team,” he gushed. “I think they’re such a great team this year. I love that they picked a point guard in [Lonzo] Ball, who’s a pass-first guy and someone who’s that selfless to create the shot for his other teammates.” We could have gone on for hours chatting with Gonzalez about the league, but he had to get his custom Lakers jersey made!

Check out Gonzalez’s trip to the NBA Store below!

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