Are you at risk of an early death? Quiz will tell you how to live healthier and longer

Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 7:31pm by admin

About 40 per cent of all deaths in the England are caused by everyday habits and behaviours, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Eating too much unhealthy food, continuing to smoke and not being active enough all contribute to early deaths.

This ‘How Are You?’ quiz – launched as part of PHE’s One You campaign – could reveal how to lower your risk of dying early, and how to be healthier.

One You aims to encourage adults, particularly those in middle age, to take control of their health. Take the quiz below.

“Many diseases that impact people’s health and shorten their active lives can be prevented,” said One You’s Clinical Advisor, Sir Muir Gray.

“Currently 42 per cent of adults in midlife are living with at least one long-term health condition which increases their risk of early death and disability.

“Although it has been customary to blame people for their ‘lifestyle’ we now appreciate that we need to take into account the environmental pressures that make it difficult to make healthy choices.

“One You is designed to help every individual identify not only their risks, but also the pressures they face in their life and the stress that results, and then support them with personalised tools and advice.”

The 10-minute quiz is for over-18s only, and will advise you on how to live healthier.

It’s not a medical assessment, however. You should still see a GP if you’re worried about your health.

At the end of the test, your lifestyle will be scored on a scale of one to 10.

If you scored on the lowest end of the scale, you’ll be greeted with: “You’re at rock bottom – the only way is up!”

But, if you hit a perfect 10, you’ll be told: “Well done! Fancy challenging yourself to be even better?”

Take the quiz here.

Meanwhile, you’re more likely to have a long and healthy life by maintaining a young mindset, being immature from time to time, and by regularly enjoying nostalgia, a study revealed.

When we perceive ourselves as younger than our actual age, we make better health choices, it was claimed.

Similarly, a Japanese scientist has recommended never retiring to live longer.

You’re also more likely to have an early death if you live in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool or Bolton, scientists said.

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