Are Safaree Samuels & JuJu Actually Dating? — Here’s Why ‘LHHNY’ Fans Are Convinced

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 5:02am by admin

The ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ reunion was full of so much drama. Yet, amid the shade and arguments, some fans think they found proof that confirmed Safaree Samuels and JuJu’s rumored romance!

Is Safaree Samuels, 36, really dating Cam’ron’s ex, JuJu? Fans of Love & Hip Hop are convinced, especially watching the Season 8 reunion show. The March 5 broadcast reunited the cast, and during the program, fans saw that both Safaree and Juju wore the color yellow. JuJu (born Juliet Castaneda, 36) was in a canary-yellow dress, while Safaree was rocking mustard-colored pants. Yes, this coordination is enough for fans to say that their rumored romance is a real thing, as L&HH:NY viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Safaree and juju are both in yellow. Look at that,” one user tweeted. “So nobody peeped that JuJu and Safaree came to the reunion matching,” another openly asked. While none of the people on the couches spoke up about this wardrobe “coincidence,” fans certainly raised some noise about it. “Forget all of that….umm is Juju and Safaree lowkey matching? I’m so here for it.”

So, this didn’t really come out of nowhere. Safaree and JuJu’s friendship blossomed during Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop, per VH1’s official site. The two went on dates and even came close to kissing during a play rehearsal. While they didn’t really become an official thing while on the show, their chemistry was undeniable – so much that fans wished they were together. Those wishes seem to come true on March 2. The pair was in Charlotte then, where Safaree had an event for the CIAA weekend, according to UrbandIlandz.

He uploaded a video of him and JuJu in an Uber, heading to Wild Wings to grab some food with some friends. “I called uber pool and juju was in here,” Safaree reportedly wrote. “This is the 1st time I’m not listening to #hunnid & @iamjuju_ in here hating!! Wild wings We on the wayyy! Straiitttt and don’t start y’all mess pls!”

If that wasn’t enough, Amara La Negra, 27, may have let it slip while on The Real, per Hot New Hip-Hop. While talking about potential pairings with The Real’s hosts, Amara said Safaree “is already taken by my friend, JuJu. Heeeeeey!” She seemed to walk that back immediately, as she obviously realized she might have said something she shouldn’t have. Uh-oh. It seems that Safaree and JuJu didn’t need any help from their wardrobe to get fans buzzing over their alleged romance. They just needed Amara to spill the tea.

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