Anthony Joshua: Feminist attack boxer on Twitter

Posted on Mar 3 2018 - 2:23am by admin

Feminists have attacked Anthony Joshua on Twitter for saying that he is more strict on his niece than on his son.

The boxing champion said this in an interview with GQ magazine in 2017.

In the interview, Joshua said that he “believes his son, Joseph, will grow to become a man’s man but that his niece will someday become someone’s wife and so he must instill in her some values. When asked if he is a strict Dad, “ LIB reports.

This prompted a reply from a Twitter user who saw it as a form of discrimination.

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She said “The fact people don’t see what is wrong with what Anthony Joshua said is what is wrong with the world. Men and women should both grow up being respectful and aim to be good husbands/wives/partners. If his son can be a ‘jack the lad’ then so can his niece.”




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