‘Andi Mack’ Cast Breaks Down Cyrus’ ‘Powerful Moment’ & Teases What’s Ahead

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The Feb. 23 episode of ‘Andi Mack’ featured a touching moment between Cyrus, Andi, and Buffy. HollywoodLife talked to the cast about the special episode and what’s ahead after that ending!

Andi Mack wowed us all again with a special one-hour episode revolving around Cyrus’s bar mitzvah. Each character had their turning points, resulting in a touching and beautiful episode. After Andi gets frustrated with Jonah, Cyrus reveals to Andi that he’s gay and has a crush on Jonah as well. The moment was so moving, and Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Joshua Rush were happy this scene was finally going to happen. “I was excited,” Joshua told HollywoodLife. “That was such a powerful moment. I talk about how Cyrus happens to be Jewish, and he happens to be gay, and those are just parts of his personality. I think he comes out to Andi the same way he feels about himself. He feels like I am who I am.”

Peyton thinks Cyrus’ coming out to Andi was such “special” moment, and she thinks the scene was perfect. “I was waiting for that to happen because I don’t think Cyrus ever wanted to feel like it was something he was hiding from Andi,” she told us. “I think the fact that he told her was a smart move for Cyrus. I also loved it because it was so concise and short, but it had so much emotion behind it. I think that was needed because the scene between Buffy and Cyrus was beautiful when he came out. But to me, Andi needed to have a shorter response, because Buffy and Cyrus already had this big, long, emotional scene. I think the fact that Andi was just like, ‘Great. That’s who you are,’ and it wasn’t this big deal was really special.”

Buffy, always the supportive friend, is right by Cyrus and Andi’s sides during the scene. “It was very emotional as well,” Sofia Wylie noted. “It’s something that happens in real life and not a lot of people realize that when they’re watching the show, what’s happening on the show is what kids go through. One of my favorite things about Buffy is how she is so accepting, and she’s always there for her friends, no matter what.”

And then there’s Jonah Beck. Andi gets upset with Jonah regarding the state of their relationship. After Andi starts hanging out with a talented artist named Walker, Jonah realizes what he’s missing. At the end of the episode, Jonah shows up at Andi’s door. So, what does Peyton think about this latest Andi and Jonah event?

“For me, what happens is that Andi gets caught up in the idea of Jonah and not in the person that he truly is,” Peyton told HollywoodLife. “What happens at the bar mitzvah is she realizes that she loves the person she thought Jonah was, and she’s confused about the person he really is. I think Andi’s still battling [the question of] who is this boy? She thinks she likes him, but does she really? As the season grows and continues, you’ll see more of that battle and struggle to figure out if her heart really wants it.”

As for whether or not we’ll see Walker again, Peyton said maybe! “I think Walker, more than anything, was just an eye-opening to the fact that she doesn’t have to be with Jonah, and Jonah isn’t the only boy in the world.”

Andi isn’t the only one to have romance problems in the episode. Bowie writes Bex and Andi an eye-opening note that may change Bex and Bowie’s relationship forever. “The short answer is the note introduces a new element to their relationship,” Lilan Bowden revealed. “Bex, I think as you can tell by the series, an avoider of problems. It’s easier to put things off than deal with them head on. Now that this note’s here, it’s saying to Bex you can’t put this off any longer. You have to reconcile your feelings. You have to figure out what’s going on here if you’re going to move forward.”

Andi Mack season 2 will return in summer 2018.

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