‘America’s Got Talent’ S13 Spoilers: Simon Cowell Teases His ‘Extraordinary’ Golden Buzzer Pick

Posted on Mar 18 2018 - 1:44pm by admin

Spoiler alert! Simon Cowell reveals when he used his golden buzzer during ‘America’s Got Talent’s new season, and how his choice stacks up to Tyra’s!

Simon Cowell, 58, has already used his one-time golden buzzer during the auditions for America’s Got Talent. Though the show doesn’t return until May 29, the typically snarky judge was completely blown away during season 13’s very first episode. “I did mine day one,” Simon gushed over his pick. “He is an extraordinary guy. You’ll see the story. Great talent. Great story, fantastic. That is why I like doing the golden buzzers,” Simon told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in a recent interview. Well done, Simon!

The catch? Simon isn’t convinced his golden buzzer choice was as good as his co-judge, Tyra Banks. “I think the best one though is Tyra’s. I won’t tell you much about it but they flew in 6000 miles,” Simon explained. “It is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen. Extraordinary. I mean amazing.” So, what does it take to impress the judges of America’s Got Talent and score one of those coveted golden buzzer moments? According to Simon it’s the “unexpected” elements that help him make his pick. “Sometimes it takes the unexpected, I think the unexpected is what you’re normally looking for,” Simon explained further to HollywoodLife. “It takes the unexpected to be on the show though.”

Lastly, he added that “originality” and “charisma” will greatly improve a contestant’s chance at being selected, golden buzzer or not. Good luck, future AGT contestants!

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