‘American Idol’ Recap: Katy Perry Cries Over A Bullied Contestant & Gushes Over Taylor Swift

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More auditions took place on episode three of the ‘American Idol’ revival and they were filled with both touching and hilarious moments. Check out the details here!

The exciting American Idol revival returned for its third episode on Mar. 18 with more eager hopefuls who are filled with raw talent and looking for their chances to head on over to Hollywood to officially compete in one of television’s most popular music competition shows. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sat back at the judges table and got ready for another round of auditions that started in Savannah, Georgia.

Crystal Alicea, a 20-year-old karaoke singer from Winterhaven, FL is the first to try out. Her bright red hair and sensitive attitude make her instantly likable. Although she admits that she regularly struggles with confidence, she sings “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith with a lot of feeling behind a strong voice. After the song, she gets emotional and explains that the song means a lot to her because it reminds her of her boyfriend, who she has been through a lot with. Katy, who was teary eyed during the performance, tells her she’s a little star with a fantastic personality and although she didn’t know where the song was going at first, she’s glad she eventually opened up in the middle of it. Lionel thinks she’s refreshing and Luke asks her to bring in her boyfriend. After he walks into the audition room, Katy asks Crystal’s love if he has ever been in a long distance relationship before admitting she thinks it could be good because Crystal’s going to Hollywood.

The next audition comes happens in good ole Nashville, Tennessee.

After Katy and Luke have a little fun by putting a whoopie cushion under an unsuspecting Lionel’s chair, the next hopeful walks in.

Kristyn Harris, a 23-year old from McKinney, TX is a true country girl at heart who rides horses and watches westerns. She looks like one too when she shows up to her audition in a huge cowboy hat which causes Luke to immediately take a liking to her. Before she starts singing, Katy amusingly asks her if she can teach her how to milk a cow by using their whoopie cushion as a prop. She happily shows them before breaking into the song, “I Wanna Be a Cowboy Sweetheart” by Patsy Montana. All three judges get up and square dance as she carries on and yodels with a force. Katy loves it. Luke says she’s a one woman show and although she has an amazing voice, yodeling may not bring in the masses. Katy thinks she’s special but chooses to say no while Luke gives her a yes. Lionel says he’s trying to find out where her voice will fit before the scene suddenly cuts to Kristyn walking out and showing her golden ticket to her family.

The auditions head to New York for the next segment.

Jonny Brenns, a very tall 18-year old blond from Florida with a cute smile and a guitar, is next. He spent $ 12 on a Greyhound  to get to the audiiton and his parents don’t even know he’s there. He chooses to sing an original swoon worthy song called “Blue Jeans.” After strumming his guitar and singing with a soothing voice, Katy’s a bit smitten. She tells him he’s very good looking with a face like Chet Baker and has a “sweet little sexy thing” going on. Luke asks to hear his vocals a little more by requesting he sing a little of “Home” by Michael Buble, which he does. Lionel thinks working on things for another two years may help but Luke and Katy say yes, putting him through to Hollywood. Before he leaves the room, Katy asks if he can call his unsuspecting mom so she can tell her the good news. After introducing herself over the phone to Jonny’s mom, who doesn’t believe her, Lionel hops on the call. When there’s still some hesitation, Lionel starts singing his classic hit Hello” to try and convince her he is who he says he is and just wanted to tell her that her son is going to Hollywood.

The crew then heads to Los Angeles.

Ricky Manning, 22, from West Hollywood, CA tries to impress the judges with a touching original  song called “L.A. is Lonely” and he seems to succeed when Katy is clearly touched and can relate to the lyrics. Lionel thinks he’s a great songwriter and Luke calls him “really good.” Three yes votes send him off to Hollywood.

Effie Passero, who is a spunky assistant property manager from Modesto, CA takes her chances and sings an original song while playing piano. Herbig and strong voice fills the room and Katy looks amazed. The smiling judges give her a standing ovation before Lionel gets up and walks over to her to jokingly check for an extra volume button. Lionel calls her a “secret weapon,” Luke calls her a “patriot missile,” and Katy thinks she’s “exceptional.” All three judges tell her she’s going to Hollywood in unison.

Everyone is back in Savannah, GA for the next round of auditions.

Tyler “Cougar” Gordon, 25, from Central Illinois, shows up in a tie dye shirt to follow his dreams of getting through to Hollywood and having a connection with Katy. His unique song of choice is “Grinder” by Judas Priest and it doesn’t take long for the judges to start cringing as he sings. Katy tells him he’s a cool guy and lets him know she’s a cougar too. Luke says his gut is telling him to vote no and all three judges send him away without the golden ticket.

Johnny White, an 18-year-old from Hickory NC is next. After coming from a difficult family background, he explains that he found comfort and inspiration from his vocal coach, Ms. Finley, who helped him get to where he is today. He belts out “This is a Man’s World” by James Brown with a powerfully high vocal range. Lionel tells him he put the whole show in one song before walking over and asking him to sing a second song. He then starts singing “All of Me” by John Legend while Lionel coaches him to hold his volume down. Luke compliments him by saying he’s “so inspiring” and gives him a yes. Katy thinks he’s Top 10 material and also gives him a yes. Lionel agrees and welcomes him to the second phase of his life before a proud Ms. Finley comes in and they embrace in an emotional hug.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson is 18 and from Dallas, GA. He brings his guitar and his supportive parents with him to the audition. His version of “If it Hadn’t Been for Love” by The SteelDrivers has a pleasant twang and a smiling Lionel thinks he’s well above his age. Katy tells him he has a nice fast bravado and the texture of his voice is unique. She also thinks he’s comfortable and centered and congratulates him on being a good human being. Luke comments that he has a big voice but advises him to not overdo it. Three yes votes have him going to Hollywood.

Shannon O’Hara, a 17-year-old nanny from Mooresville, NC has been having financial troubles since her dad lost his job and is hoping to get some good news from trying out. She sings “When We Were Young” by Adele while playing piano and impresses all the judges. Lionel says she could be a major threat with realism and conviction and Katy thinks she’s an old soul and strong minded woman with an exceptional voice. Luke thinks she’s a songbird and she ends up with a three-way yes.

Amelia Hammer Harris, 26, comes from an interesting musical background. Her father, Jack Hammer, is a prestigious songwriter who wrote the hit songs, “Great Balls of Fire” and “Yakety Yak.” She talks about how she didn’t meet him until she was 16 but helped him cope with a battle of dementia until the end of his life and wants to carry on the legacy. In a ’70s inspired outfit, she sings “Give Me Shelter” by The Rolling Stones alongside her personal guitarist, Nick and shows her talent. Lionel observes that she’s not a “belter” and instead has a sultry voice. Katy thinks she’s a real beautiful presence with great style and Luke says she’s one of the most put together artists. They all vote yes and send her to Hollywood.

The next segment shows a bunch of clips from competitors who didn’t make it through and after one hopeful apologizes to Katy for loving  Taylor Swift‘s songwriting, Katy, looking slightly uncomfortable, tells him it’s okay because she loves her as a songwriter as well.

Ryan Zamo, a 28-year-old who is highly into good skin care, sings “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles, which happens to be one of Katy’s fav songs. Unfortunately, all the judges are shocked and not impressed with his vocals. Luke says he should stick to skin care and he walks out without a ticket.

Milo & Julian  Spasato are 17-year-old twins from Malibu, CA. After they read each other’s minds in a game of Twintuition with host Ryan Seacrest, they head out to the stage for their audition. “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars is their song of choice and their dad is there to play guitar. They open up by playing a trumpet and a saxophone before they start singing the lyrics and impressively work off each other’s voices. Katy stops them and calls their performance “dope” before asking if there are two number one spots in the competition. Lionel says he’d love to mess with the equation by bringing them into the mix and they get their ticket into Hollywood.

Les Greene, 27, turns heads with his quirky style which includes red suspenders and matching shoes that look like they’re from 1968. He sings “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. Luke calls him a “Ferrari” that is full speed ahead and Katy loves his personal style and presentation. Luke then gives him friendly advice to polish up and be careful to not lose his voice throughout the competition. He gets three yes votes and his ticket into Hollywood.

Maddie Zahm from Boise, ID is the final performer of the episode. She works with children who have disabilities and one of them is her best friend, Marcus, who has down syndrome. In her touching story, she talks about her tough diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which causes weight gain, and her passion to represent others who may not fit the mold for Hollywood. After she gets on stage and shares her story, Luke asks for Marcus to join them before she sings and Katy graciously offers him a seat next to her. Maddie then Sings “New Rules” by Dua Lipa while playing acoustic guitar and all three judges are happy about the performance. Lionel asks if he can hear her sing with Marcus before they vote and the two sweetly sing Katy’s hit song “Firework” while Katy smiles and sings along. After the touching moment, Katy tells maddie she has a real set of pipes and thinks she’s an incredible woman. Lionel thinks she has great potential and Luke thinks she’s got it. They end things on a high note and send an appreciative Maddie off to Hollywood.

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