‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Series Finale: Nasty Women Get The Last Laugh

Posted on Nov 15 2017 - 1:26pm by admin

In the end, who came survived Kai Anderson’s carnage? Here’s everything that went down on the ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ finale. Spoilers ahead!

Warning: SPOILERS! If you aren’t caught up on American Horror Story: Cult and don’t want the final episode to be spoiled, stop reading. Seriously. Swim away. Alright, now onto the good stuff! AHS: Cult ended with the most inevitable death of all during it’s November 14 episode: Kai Anderson (Evan Peters). But, lets start from the beginning, shall we?

AHS: Cult‘s finale was a bit bizarre in the sense it started in the future. We learn that Kai is in prison where he’s somehow managed to recruit prisoners into his cult, most of them willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect his behind bars. He even has a physical relationship with a female security guard, which ties into his manipulation of women in general. We also learn that it was Ally (Sarah Paulson) who turned Kai in to the feds. He and his delusional goons were in the middle of planning to murder 100 pregnant women for their cause when Ally learned that Speedwagon was a rat. She kills him, steals his contacts, then assists the feds in a raid of Kai’s home. Kaie pleads guilty to everything and is sentenced to rot in jail. Meanwhile, Ally has become somewhat of a local celebrity for everything she’s endured with Kai, and she eventually decides to run for senate. What a kick in the you-know-what to Kai, huh?

While Ally is running for senate, Kai and his female bodyguard companion stage his great escape from prison. They kill a man who looks just like him, de-face him, then walk right through the prison gates thanks to the woman providing Kai with a uniform. Tsk tsk. Kai and his security guard make a run for the senate debate where he interrupts, rushes on stage and points a gun at Ally. When he tries to shoot her he finds the gun isn’t loaded, then looks back at the guard who gave it to him to see that she’s smiling. It turns out that Ally got to the guard before Kai, warned her, and led her right to this place. Instead, Kai gets killed. RIP, Kai.

But, that’s not all. The very end of the episode shows Ally saying goodnight to her son, Ozzy, when she tells him she has a meeting with very important women. Before she leaves the house she touches up her makeup, then slips on a green robe with a hood — just like the one Frances Conroy‘s character, the gypsy wore. She smiles, then gets up and walks away. And that’s a wrap on AHS: Cult, folks!

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