‘American Crime Story’ Recap: Gianni Urges Donatella To Take Control

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 5:24pm by admin

As Andrew Cunanan tries to make a new life for himself, Gianni and Donatella Versace come together to take the label in a new direction. Here’s our recap of the March 7 episode of ‘American Crime Story.’

It’s 1992 in Milan. Donatella is busy working on new Versace designs with her designers. “A dress is a weapon to get what she wants,” Donatella says. A new era of fashion is on the horizon. Her workers have been wondering what is wrong with Gianni since he’s been absent so much. When Gianni arrives, he immediately picks a fight with Donatella. He calls her out for taking a step back in designing. She pleads with him to tell her what he wants from her. “I want everything,” Gianni says. Donatella cries that she’s already given all of herself to him and this company. He says it’s not enough.

Antonio tells Gianni to apologize to Donatella for being so cruel. Gianni goes to his sister and tells her that they are going to design a dress together. “Soon it will be just you,” Gianni says, as if seeing the future and knowing he’s not going to be a part of it. “All of this will rest on you.” Donatella replies, “This company is you. It’s not me.”

“You have to make it yours,” Gianni tells her. “You have to take it. You have to own it.” When Gianni’s not around, Donatella will be in charge. She will be the face of Versace. “This dress is not my legacy,” he says to his beloved sister. “You are.”

An Ice Cream Tantrum

In San Diego, Andrew is working at a pharmacy. He comes home and finds a discount ice cream container in the freezer and throws it on the floor. He only wants “the best.” If it’s not Haagen-Dazs, he doesn’t want the ice cream at all. (*Rolls eyes*)

He meets Jeff Trail at a local gay bar. Andrew fears getting rejected by men. He finds himself lying to get attention. In the end, Jeff’s still the one who goes home with a guy at the end of the night. No matter what Andrew does, he’s just never good enough. He dreams of getting far away from San Diego and assures his mother that he’ll take her with him.

Andrew auditions to be an escort. Physical attributes are the only things that matter. “This is about being what people want,” the woman says. Andrew’s not the subject of fantasies. He’s turned away, but he’s not deterred. Andrew targets Norman Blachford, and the man falls right for it, as does Lincoln Aston.

The Dress

Gianni and Donatella design that black leather bondage dress, which sets the fashion label in a new direction. He convinces her to wear the dress to Vogue’s 100th anniversary gala. When the brother and sister walk in together, the crowd goes wild. Later, Donatella sees that something is very wrong with her brother when he suddenly can’t hear anything. Gianni suffered from ear cancer before he died.

While out with friends, Andrew spots David Madson for the first time. He orders David a drink and takes him home. Andrew is immediately smitten. Andrew returns to see Lincoln and watches the man get brutally murdered by a stranger. He reconnects with Norman in the wake of Lincoln’s death. Norman welcomes him in with open arms. Andrew tells his mother that he’s going on vacation with Versace, and she freaks when she realizes that she’s not going. He’s really just going to live with Norman. Never trust a guy who doesn’t treat his mother right.

While Gianni recovers, Donatella steps in as head of the company. She easily slides into the role of a leader. Gianni always knew her greatness, and she’s now realizing it, too.

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