‘American Crime Story’ Finale Recap: Andrew Cunanan’s Life Comes To A Shocking End

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 7:32pm by admin

Andrew Cunanan’s karma finally catches to up him on the ‘American Crime Story’ finale. As Gianni Versace is laid to rest, Andrew tries to evade capture.

Right after killing Gianni Versace, Andrew Cunanan walks away as if he hadn’t just committed a heinous crime. He breaks into someone’s houseboat, turns on the TV, pours some champagne, and watches the news reports about Gianni’s death. He feels no remorse for what he’s done. Even when the police release Andrew’s name to the media, he’s not concerned. As the helicopters and police roam about, Andrew’s just relaxing.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Miglin is nearby in Tampa. The police knock on her hotel room to tell her about Andrew. She lets the police have it. She wonders what the hell they’ve been doing for two months. Andrew’s been out there free, and the police are tripping over their own feet. How many more people have to die? The police want her to leave town for safety reasons, but she’s not about to let Andrew win. She’s never missed a broadcast, and she’s not about to start now.

Andrew steals a woman’s car and tries to get around town, but the police are closing in on him. They go back to Ronnie, who lied about knowing Andrew. He lets them know that Andrew was never someone who hid in the shadows. “Andrew was vain,” Ronnie says. “He wanted you to know about his pain. He wanted you to hear. He wanted you to know about being born a lie. Andrew is not hiding. He’s trying to be seen.”

As Andrew continues to camp out on the houseboat, he watches Lizzie give a personal statement. She refuses to believe the horrible things that have been said about Andrew, who is getting more desperate by the day. Unable to go outside, Andrew starts eating from the trash. He also begins eating dog food. Gross.

He calls his father in a panic. Pete says he’ll fly over right away to help. Andrew tells his dad exactly where he’s located. Pete promises he’ll help Andrew escape. Andrew holds onto that promise. He wakes up the next day and waits for his father. But his father isn’t coming. Andrew catches Pete doing a TV interview. Pete slams the reports of Andrew’s homosexuality and believes the police will never catch his son. He claims that he’s been talking with Andrew about the rights to his life story. In a fit of rage, Andrew takes his gun and fires it at the TV. His father let him down once again. Andrew has no one and nowhere to go.

Over in Italy, Antonio and Donatella prepare for Gianni’s funeral. Antonio says he’ll be staying at Gianni’s house on Lake Como, but Donatella warns that the house is not owned by Gianni. All of Gianni’s property is controlled by the company. Today is the start of a new life for them both, and Donatella’s life doesn’t include Antonio. Antonio feels like he’s being thrown away like a piece of trash, and Donatella has the opportunity to say something on his behalf. She hasn’t and she’s not going to. Antonio is being erased.

Andrew watches Gianni’s funeral using a projector. He prays and sings along like he’s in mourning. The houseboat’s caretaker soon comes to check on the property. He senses something is off and grabs his gun. Andrew fires his gun and the caretaker runs out of the houseboat and calls the police. The manhunt commences, and Andrew is completely cornered. Before the police have the chance to kill him, Andrew kills himself. All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players. Andrew’s act is over. Lights out.

Marilyn hears the news about Andrew. She reveals that after Lee’s death, people started writing to her and telling her about all the incredible things Lee used to do for them. He paid people’s bills and never told Marilyn. She wonders why he never did. From the look on her face, you can see the worry about what other things he didn’t tell her.

After the funeral, Donatella confesses that Gianni called the morning before he was murdered. She ignored his call and deeply regrets it. Feeling more alone than ever before, Antonio takes a ton of pills and tries to commit suicide at Gianni’s Lake Como mansion. Thankfully, a maid finds him before it’s too late. As Donatella and Antonio attempt to start this new life without Gianni, Andrew is interred. The man who wanted to stand out among the rest is just another one of the dead. He’s one of many and one who will not be remembered.

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