Alternative Music in Nigeria: Disregarding the rock genre is a society in denial

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 5:48am by admin

The countenance of most music followers in Nigeria when the rock genre is the subject bears a similar trait to the cruel disposition of slavers towards their subjects. They never think very highly of them and see them only worthy of chains.

It has been a case of constant bashing from the critics section, who are so quick to condemn it for its inability to grow. They think it only attracts interests from fancy folks and have questioned its potential to reach a national audience but they are wrong.

Clay, performing at the Rocktoberfest musical

Clay, performing at the Rocktoberfest musical concert.

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Just like everything that has struggled to gain importance in Nigeria, rock music has started a course of its own development. It is simply a case of starting a journey at separate times.

The genre is fully on a projectile of sustainable success, the pundits only require some amount of patience and a clearly vision to see beyond the fog. Most of the music experts don’t know the true passion that lies in the hearts of its devotees. They have never been to a Metal & Romance concert to see how the hippies bob their heads to the sounds of 1 Last Autograph who did a cool cover of Banky W’s ‘Yes/no’ jam which was awesome by the way.

How can they be so dismissive of the genre when they have not fully explored its true elements, the deep following in Jos, Plateau, culture crazed fans at the Rocktoberfest concert in Lagos? The frenzy at a rock event is pretty much as high as what you will find at a Wizkid performance, but just like all ‘strange’ things in Nigeria, the regard for it is lean.

Rocktoberfest musical concertplay

Rocktoberfest musical concert

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Nathmac, an Alternative Rock artiste from Bayelsa state has grown in size. He is an example of an untamed medical condition that was ignored for far too long. The melodious singer dropped a nice single ‘Kill myself’ in the year 2016. It is earned him a nomination in the category of the “Best Artiste in African Rock” at the 2017 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA). He joins West African contemporaries Dark Suburb and Wiyaala in the grouping.

Some organizations have dedicated resources to ensuring that Nigeria experience vibrance from a rock community pulsing with an energy to create. The contents have been great. Dope lyrics, amazing voice, captivating performance but just one limiting factor – money!


Getting an appropriate mixture of audience at a hangout session for any rock artiste requires a good P.R team who will focus on the branding side of things. It is a chain that leads back to the non-availability of funds. It is important to note that a reason why these musicians haven’t found success is because of financial constraints as opposed to not being generally appealing. Until the genre find its Voltron valency, critics can change their narrative to focus on a brand on a steady metamorphosis.

Don Jazzy, giving support to one of his latest investment, Johnny

Don Jazzy, giving support to one of his latest investment, Johnny Drille.

(Bella Naija)

It has been a great outing for the music category and its sub-genres in the year 2017. Johnny Drille scored a surprising deal with top music label, Mavin Records. He has been getting a lot of gigs and his boss can only show support.

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