Alexis Skyy Confirms Fetty Wap Is Her Baby Daddy & Masika Slams Her As Fame-Hungry

Posted on Oct 17 2017 - 11:21am by admin

It’s happening people! Alexis Skyy has confirmed that she’s pregnant with Fetty Wap’s baby on the ‘L&HH: Hollywood’ reunion show. Now his other baby mama Masika Kalysha is calling her fame hungry.

It looks like Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is managing to top the drama on the show’s Atlanta counterpart, as a whole mess of tea got spilled on the show’s Oct. 16 reunion special. Alexis Skyy, 23, has officially confirmed that she is pregnant with on-again boyfriend rapper Fetty Wap‘s baby and she intends to throw it in the face of her arch-enemy and Fetty’s other baby mama Masika Kalysha, 32. “We are expecting,” Alexis admitted. “And I’m going to show you how to slay this pregnancy for nine months,” she boasted right in front of her nemesis.

Things got ugly right from the start when the host asked the model about the father of her child. She snipped back “Ask Masika. Fetty Is. Ok!?” referencing how Masika previously leaked the news on Twitter before the reunion show. She also revealed that Solo Lucci is NOT the father of her child, as he had previously hinted. Masika claimed that Fetty wanted another child with HER in addition to their one-year-old daughter Khari, but that she wasn’t having any of it. “I’m glad he got the baby he was begging me for,” Sika responded. Oh SNAP!

As if all the baby daddy drama wasn’t enough, Masika ripped into Alexis for being fame hungry and willing to do anything to shine the spotlight on herself. “Holexis only wants to be famous. She put out her own sex tape,” Masika declared. Yikes! In Jan. 2017 a raunchy tape of Fetty and Alexis leaked and now Masika is claiming that she did it herself to get attention! She even went on to say that Alexis isn’t even worthy of sharing the show’s screen time with her. See pics of L&HH: Hollywood season four here.

These two better learn how to play nice now that their children are about to become family. Even Alexis knows this as she said of Masika, “This is deeper than Fetty. She’s harassed me. Paid numerous blogs to not post me. All this doesn’t matter at this point, my child and your child are going to be siblings.” Not to mention close together in age! Hopefully these ladies can get it together for the sake of the children involved.

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HollywoodLifers, do you think Alexis got pregnant by Fetty to get revenge on Masika?

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