Album Review: Bas's 'Milky Way' is nothing but all round good vibes

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Bas is one rapper not bound by trends or the pressure to impress and Milky Way is just his own way of occupying a space where his sound has found the right medium to thrive.

Milky Way is Bas’s third studio project since his debut effort ”Last Winter” in 2014.

The Sudanese- American artist signed to fellow rapper, J Cole‘s Dreamville explaining why it has taken him two and a half years since the release of his last project, ”Too High To Riot” admits,

“This album is about finding ground. About not poisoning your own well. About finding and tethering yourself to the love that truly fulfills you. Love of self. Love of others. Lovers. Family. Friends. Fans.

You’ve all given me all the affirmation I’ll ever need. That is the Milky Way. The only way to go.”

play Bas has released his 14 track LP, Milky Way (Complex)


The album’s opening track is ‘Icarus’, referencing a Greek myth who according to legend ‘grew wings and flew too close to the sun’.

Featuring Ari Lennox, the album opener sets the stage for the entire project as he rhymes, ‘All I see is hate, how many memories can a million make?

Opinionated, young nigga seen the whole world with my own two, what they gon’ do with this young nigga? whole squad workin’ on the same page like we one nigga.”

‘Front Desk’ is the first sighting of the singing Bas on the project and it turns out quite good as he recounts his past relationships.

Label boss, J Cole is the guest on the next track, ‘Tribe’, which is easily the highlight of the project, as the duo reignite a partnership that has worked wonders on several records in the past.

play Bas and J Cole in the video for ‘Tribe’, one of the singles on the album (Youtube/Dreamville)


The Carribean influenced beat riddled with acoustic riffs instantly tucks you into an easy state, as Bas reflectively lays his verse. Cole’s verse syncs perfectly with his as they create the perfect feel-good anthem for every occasion.

‘Boca Raton’ alongside A$ AP Ferg follows the same pattern as the previous record. Another standout record is ‘Barrack Obama Special’, where he goes off on his ‘neighbours’.

Bas is right out of the gate on this rapping about racism, phony actin cats and his successes with the lyricsl, ”Forty states in forty in days, got them motherf***s goin’ crazy, when all they waitin’ on is me and I be waitin’ on the scene.”

‘Purge’ is Bas straight rapping at his best, the flow is A1, he is aggressive with the rhymes saying so many things, the verse is talking about how he has emerged despite not given a chance and how he is constantly shattering ceilings.

play Bas is two sides of brilliance on his third album Milky Way (Complex)


Rapper Correy C features on the emotions inspired ‘Fragrance’ and ‘Infinity +2’, the drums on ‘Sanufa’ is infectious, as the singing Bas makes a return.

The official album closer, ‘Designer’ is befitting as it delivers one of those songs that compels multiple listens, as Bas alludes to how the game changes you, internal battles and how he feels he has succeeded in creating a classic LP.

Milky Way has not deviated too far off what is expected from Bas.  Bas is touching on his come up, affairs, newly found state of mind and glimpses of his journey.

The beats are very well selected to fit his smooth style. The album doesn’t really lose steam at any point and even at 14 tracks, the album spans for only 39 minutes that does not leave any room for it to trail off, as his flow resonates at every point.

Milky Way is perhaps a step up from his last project, as it fully showcases his growth and strength both sonically and cohesively. There are quick-hit records and deep thought provokers, but on all levels, this is a project perfect for a trip around the galaxy.

Rating: 3.5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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