‘After The Final Rose’: Arie Dumps [SPOILER] & Admits He’s Still In Love With His Runner-Up

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 3:36am by admin

After proposing to [SPOILER] on ‘The Bachelor’, Arie devastates his gorgeous fiancee by dumping her unexpectedly — and the raw video of the breakup aired during ‘After The Final Rose.’

Becca Kufrin got her happy ended when Arie Luyendyk Jr. got down on one knee and proposed to her in Peru during the finale of The Bachelor. Unfortunately, it was quickly announced that her fairytale didn’t last long. During the live After The Final Rose special, it was revealed that Arie had actually broken up with Becca just a couple of months later, and the heartbreaking footage of their breakup was shown to the world.

A video montage of Arie and Becca’s relationship after the show aired first, starting with them looking happy and as in love as ever. But then, Arie admitted that, while he’s with Becca, he often can’t help but think about his runner-up, Lauren Burhham, who he dumped in Peru and left devastated. Arie explained that he feels very guilty about deciding to call it off with Becca, but knowing that Lauren’s always in the back of his mind was enough to pull the plug. Becca thought she was visiting Los Angeles for a happy weekend with Arie, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize something very different is happening.

“The reality of it is that being with you, although it’s been everything that I wanted, I still think about her,” Arie told Becca. “And I think you sense that and I think, for me, the more I hung out with you the more I felt like I was losing the possibility of reconciling things with Lauren.”

Obviously Becca was pissed, and made Arie clarify that, yes — he wants to see if there’s a possibility of a future with Lauren instead of her. “I know I made that commitment to you and this is obviously a shock for you and I know that you always said, guard your heart, figure out where your heart is, and I know the last week has been really tough for you, but I have to follow my heart,” he added. Arie also revealed that a recent conversation with Lauren is what made the future clearer for him.

“When I spoke to her I just realized that there was all that feeling there still,” he said. “We left Peru and I didn’t want to be as honest with you as I could’ve been about how conflicted I was. I tried to deal with that emotion and I leaned on everybody that I could about how to get over that heartbreak and I thought that heartbreak would go away and it just never went away. And I don’t think it’s fair to be half in with you. I don’t think it’s fair for us to continue and to know that my head’s somewhere else. I want to take the risk and see if there’s a possibility with her.”

Becca stayed calm through most of the breakup, but did make sure to let Arie know that he absolutely should NOT have proposed to her if he was so unsure about where he stood in Peru.

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