Adekunle Gold & Simisola Albums: The Chemistry Between Simi & Adekunle Gold

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The chemistry between artist Simi and Adekunle Gold is growing everyday and we love it that is the reason we’re watching out for them always.

As a fan of Nigerian music, I trust you may have heard bits of gossip about our dearest Simi and Adekunle Gold dating. However, that of Falz being ‘too connected’ to Simi can’t be ignored additionally, yet we believe there’s something greater between Kunle and her than that of she and Falz.

You may have known a ton about them however here’s something we can wager on that you don’t know and you ought to likewise observe. We have everything for you here on Primetweets. Let’s go straight-up to the post catchphrase.

In 2016, Adekunle Gold featured Simi in a song titled; “No Forget”. It’s a heartfelt and romantic tune uniquely tending to relationship finance-related issues and promises of how he needs to hustle so he could accumulate some cash to wed her (his darling), telling her not to overlook the things they’ve gone through and whatever they’ve done together. Indeed, even Simi needed to answer, exhorting him that he shouldn’t look past things they’ve gotten ready for themselves and take after different young ladies since they won’t love him better.

All things considered, we realize that it’s a song that could address other people’s relationship, yet review the chemistry that has been between them since they began music. We’ve even observed throwback photos on the Internet, how they’re appended and how they cooperate in the music studio, recording songs. Bear in mind Simi mixed Adekunle Gold’s “Gold” full album.

That being stated, something else occurred in 2017 when Simi released her album; “SimiSola”. In the album, we saw Simi and Adekunle Gold again on a song titled; “Take Me Back” and this made fans happy for the lyrics.

“Take Me Back” discussed them tolerating each other in the midst of the bashfulness and pride that is called ‘shakara’ in Nigerian pidgin English. They probably heard the gossips and possibly chose to leave line, however it appears they can’t survive without each other, along these lines communicating it in music.

Above all, there are 6 (six) things we saw from “Gold” and “SimiSola” albums that precisely judges the chemistry between Simi and Adekunle Gold. Check them out below.

  1. Both albums’ title is with their names (Gold and Simisola). This might be normal as based on friendship interest.
  2. Both albums end with their first official singles, i.e. ‘Tiff’ for Simi and ‘Sade’ for Adekunle Gold. Err, But can’t it be re-arranged?
  3. Both albums have only one guest appearance, i.e. Simi on “No Forget” off “Gold” album and Adekunle Gold on “Take Me Back” off “Simisola” album. They seem to like each other very well.
  4. Both collaborations come in as 8th track in both albums. They still couldn’t re-arrange it, or maybe they’re too connected.
  5. Both of them provided additional background vocals on each other’s album. That kind of friendship is really cool – I mean COOL!
  6. Simi mixed both albums. Perfect, maybe it’s because those producers can’t mix songs again, right?
 We just want to know their wedding date. ? ? ?

NO FORGET how far we’ve gone baby. Just TAKE ME BACK. Shakara ti tan (shakara is over). Lovey-dovey Simikunle Titogold in ‘Gold’ and ‘Simisola’ albums.

Is there anything I missed? you can add it up in the comment section. Thanks!


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