“Actors Are The Least Paid”- Taiwo Hassan Turns To Farmer

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Veteran Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan spoke in an interview with Punch news as of late, August 14th. He talked concerning the financial pains actors and actresses in Nigeria face. He additionally expressed that because of this for his lengthy absence from Nollywood. Hassan, fifty six, was once one of the most widespread Yoruba actors in Nigeria but has decided to turn to some other line of labor for his livelihood. learn what he stated within the interview:

“I just can’t be chasing some jobs that are not worth it now. imagine going to Ibadan now on gasoline of about N30, 000, the producers don’t regularly have the fund to pay for my resort and i will resort my private assistants in motels as neatly.  i will be able to’t decide to jobs that are not price it. it’s not each job that one will get to do at a certain stage in one’s existence.”

“No marketer can finance a movie venture with a large sum of money.  imagine releasing a movie in the morning by means of 9am and by using 2pm the pirated copies might be out. So, how can we get our royalties or how does the marketer recoup his investment?”

“We solely depend on God’s mercy now, and the goodwill of folks who love us. best few have small businesses of their very own. As I talk, some actors are being fed with the aid of their better halves. a tremendous marketer within the business informed me when he needed to unlock a Yoruba movie, some Igbo boys in Alaba instructed him to settle the pirates in order that they don’t pirate his movie. that is going down in a lawful society.”

‘”Footballers and musicians make more cash than actors. Actors are the least paid.”

Ogogo, as he’s popularly identified, nonetheless continues to be an actor but mentioned he plans to go into farming.

“My folks had been farmers. i’ve in part began the method of going into farming.”

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