A teacher and an actor search for true love on Dating Game Nigeria

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Dating Game Nigeria took viewers to a whole new height on Sunday, March 24, 2019.

In this edition, fun loving Omobonike and good looking Scott took the seat as the pickers, seeking love and true romance on the Dating Game Nigeria.

Brief profile of the pickers

The radiant Omobonike Osikoya, who is a teacher, joined the dating game show in search of a purpose-driven man as a life partner.

Scott Obilo is an all-around creative who combines modeling with acting and writing. He joined the show in search of a woman that is goofy yet friendly that can capture his heart.

The game

With clear intentions of finding love, Omobonike put three guys – Timileyin, Mobolaji, and Rex – to test as she looked for the best man for her.

Omobonike asked the guys what is the best and worst thing about being a man and what would any of the guys do to get an edge over others in getting her love.

Timileyin, Mobolaji and Rex revealed how they would treat Omobonike right and make her fall in love.

Rex promised to protect Omobonike, kiss and love her while Mobolaji said he’s ready to be by her side whenever she needs him. He also said he would go shirtless just to win her heart and keep it safe.

Timileyin took the challenge to a new level when he said Omobonike will be his Bonnie while he plays the role of her Clyde.

For Scott, he had pretty Chinwe, alluring Cynthia and a captivating Zino to pick from in his quest for true love and romance.

Scott Obilo

The model and actor knew he had his hands filled with three awesome ladies which gave him a hard time picking the best woman for him.

While Cynthia said she’s a total package any man will want to have for keeps, Zino said she’s willing to struggle with an ambitious man. Chinwe boasted that she is a loyal lover and readily announced unique attributes.

Scott took the challenge a notch higher when he asked the ladies to tell him one quality each of them had over the other two.

Cynthia said she loved to sing and would always be available to help Scott go to bed soundly with her songs and voice.

Zino’s response was epic as she said, ‘I’m very playful, I don’t like when things are dull and I am going to be your personal hype woman!’

Zino’s response left Scott thinking if he hadn’t gotten the right woman in Zino.

Overall, both Scott and Omobonike made a choice soothing to their feelings and personalities.

The host

Chigul is a good host for the show. She has a great sense of humour and ability to own the show and steer the wheels of progress.

Chigul has the charm and wit to keep you glued to your screens. She brilliantly interacts with the audience with her bants and occasional jokes.

She has made show about the affairs of the heart a smooth spectacle that you wouldn’t want to miss.

If you are a sucker for love and interested in watching people find their potential soulmates, then Dating Game Nigeria is just for you.

You can watch the Dating Game Nigeria sponsored by Airtel on EbonyLife TV on DSTV channel 165 and StarTimes on channel 189 & 191, Sundays at 9pm.

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