“A Million Tears”: 5 things we remember about 2006 romance film

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It’s been 12 years since Kate Henshaw and Emeka Ike played two lovestruck University students in the 2006 romance movie, “A Million Tears.”

In the early 2000s, Nollywood had a thing for movies about bad guys falling in love with good girls, and “A Million Tears, a movie which many would refer to a rip-off of the 2002 “A Walk to Remember,” was one of them.


Pulse Movies has put together five things we remember about the movie. Check them out:

1. Released in 2016, “A Million Tears” was written and directed by Tchidi Chikere and starred Kate Henshaw, Emeka Ike, Patrick Doyle, Benedict Johnson, Uche Ogbodo and Ifeoma Anyiam.

2. The movie tells the story of Uche, a notorious playboy, drunkard and woman beater – and Lola, a reserved young woman with strong values, who is a bit of an outsider in their university because of her dressing and morals.

play Kate Henshaw and Emeka Ike in 2006 romance film A Million Tears


3. Just like most films about ‘bad boys,’ Uche is a jerk at the beginning. He is rude to Lola, and alongside his friends, constantly mock her appearance. But when they are paired together for a school project, a friendship develops between the unlikely couple.

4. Lola eventually tells Uche about her illness; she has Leukemia, also known as blood cancer. She eventually gets married to Uche while on a hospital bed. The ceremony was officiated by her pastor father, played by Patrick Doyle.

Days after her wedding, Lola asked to be discharged from the hospital and returned to her father’s house where she passed away.

play Kate Henshaw and Emeka Ike in 2006 romance film A Million Tears


5. “A Million Tears” is also popular for its soundtrack which had lyrics like: “You are the treasure that I seek, you were close to me yet I did not know. The love that I sought for many years was right beside me yet I couldn’t feel it.”

What do you remember about the movie?

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