7 Nigerian Celebrities Who are Not Your Usual Girly Girls

Posted on Aug 23 2017 - 11:46am by admin

Some Nigerian female celebrities will not be your ordinary girly ladies. however quite than rejecting the label of tomboy, one of the most sexiest celebrities have embraced it.

Tomboyish characteristics embody some which can be also thought to be extraordinarily horny, together with self belief, fitness, and independence.

Stargist.com items 7 Nigerian celebrities who don’t gown for anyone but themselves.

1. Eva Alordiah

The rapper and singer is one who certainly began the entire tomboy seem to be, bet she has a number of affect from ciara. She began the entire mohawk pattern amongst women celebs in Nigeria.

2. Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia always has a very fierce and rugged seem to be and he or she is at all times rocking the boyish military rugged looks at all times, along with her red weave signature.

three. Saeon

This implausible rapper is indubitably probably the most gangstarish out of this individuals on the listing, from her attitude to posture to songs she just has this overly thumb boyish feeling.

four. Marvis

Marvis, former reality television megastar used to be the Tomboy of the house during the 2017 BB Naija fact tv show. She has a signature coiffure and couldn’t be about makeup and the entire issues other girl go through style smart.

5. DJ Lambo

The chocolate metropolis disc jockey is one to admire for her fearless mind in rocking and dressing like a boy any time any day.

6. Angela Okorie

From her tomboy roles to royalty roles, Angela Okorie is one standard name within the Nigerian film trade.

7. weird MC

Nigerian tomboy rapper weird MC was once one among Africa’s most popular female rappers and some of the few Nigerian feminine artists related to Afrobeat.

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