‘650 MPs CANNOT negotiate Brexit!’ – MP HITS OUT at Dominic Grieve amendment on Newsnight

Posted on Jun 15 2018 - 10:28pm by admin

Tories campaigning for continuing close links with Brussels were furious the proposed change to the EU Bill fell short of their demand for a binding parliamentary vote and as a consequence, Theresa May was branded “sneaky” and “unforgivable”.

The Tory MP pointed out that the problem with the proposal put forward by Dominic Grieve on Tuesday is that “you cannot give 650 MPs the ability to control negotiations.”

He fired: “650 people cannot negotiate!”

The MP for Croydon South said the deal tabled yesterday evening does make compromises and it gives Parliament “extra opportunities” to go and ask the Government to think again.

Mr Philip said: “If you look at what George Freemen tweeted today, he was at the meeting and was part of the Remainer group, and he says that what has been delivered today at five is consistent to what the Prime Minister said.”

Speaking on the BBC flagship show alongside Mr Philip, there also was British peer Baroness Altmann who argued that Theresa May’s amendment does not actually give parliament a meaningful vote.

She said:”We are in a parliamentary democracy you cannot have the executive vote.”

Mr Philip promptly shot back at her saying “this is not accurate”.

He continued: “Parliament, first of all, can approve or not approve any deal.

“If they do that or if no deal can be reached between the Government and the EU then the Government are obliged to make a statement laying out an alternative plan.

“And then five or seven days later Parliament can accept or reject the plan

and Parliament can keep accepting or rejecting the plan”

When Newsnight’s Evan Davis asked him what would happen in a scenario where there is no deal and MPs ask for a soft Brexit, Mr Philip claimed this is the way our constitution has always worked.

He said: “The way our constitution has worked for about 400 years is that the Government negotiates this kind of treaties and deals and parliament approves it.

“If the parliament doesn’t like the way it has been conducted they can remove the Government.

“No-one in the Government, opposition in the Commons and Lords want to get to a no deal situation.

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