5 things Yvonne Jegede said about her failed marriage

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In the interview, Jegede admits their marriage crashed many months before the birth of their son, Xavier.

The actress with a career spanning 16 years has said her marriage to Abounce was filled with issues they couldn’t deal with all through their one year of living together as a couple.

Here are five things Yvonne Jegede has said about her failed marriage

Love was not enough but it was never a mistake

In her interview, Yvonne Jegede admits that though love was not enough in her marriage which only lasted one year, the decision was never a mistake.

It was never a mistake. I don’t make mistakes especially not with decisions like this. He was a good friend of mine before we got married, we were very cool, it wasn’t like we dated or a situation where I say there is a guy I am seeing but we were very good friends, so much trust, so much friendship, so much laughter and these were things I wanted to enjoy in my matrimony but I guess love was not enough, love is never enough in marriage.”

No allegation of cheating

The ‘Being Annabel’ actress debunks cheating allegations on both parties. She says she never cheated while in marriage neither did Abounce cheat on her.

No, not at all. Maybe he’s doubting me, I don’t know but I am very certain about myself that not even when I was trying to become pregnant. I never even dated before I got married, I didn’t do it after we got married, so I wouldn’t do it while we were trying to have a baby together.

“Like I said, it took us almost four months, so it couldn’t have been that era. So for me, I was very clean and committed and for him, no, none of that, there was no text message, so I don’t know.

Cracks in the marriage noticed after pregnancy

While admitting that her marriage didn’t last long enough, Yvonne tells

Pulse that noticeable cracks in the marriage became obvious months after she got pregnant.

The actress says she and her estranged husband started having issues three months after she got pregnant.

We started having issues before the birth of Xavier. I think I was about two to three months pregnant when the issues came. Immediately the issues came, there was never a dull moment, it just kept going up and up and it got worse and it got bad and today here we are,” she says.

Xavier’s paternity

The rumour surrounding the paternity of Yvonne Jegede’s child is another topic she speaks about in her interview with Pulse.

Yvonne denies the child paternity rumours saying Abounce knows he’s the father of their son.

I only reached out to him when I feel the need to because he knows Xavier is his son, he is 100% sure he’s his son. But who did he speak to, who are the sources that were spreading these.

He’s been to the house twice after we got back to the country, he’s come to see his son twice and he has pictures with his son on his phone which I took so why he’s not posting them, maybe his personal reasons, maybe he’s not like me who is showing to the world, I don’t know but is that enough to give me a name? No, you don’t give me a name like that, common, that is not right, people tried to bully me or make dry joke over this, about my life, would you be happy if I were your sister but anyways, I am here, I am strong and will be strong for my son. I have morals to set for him and what the world is about,” she says.

Lost of interest in marriage

After the couple refused to speak to one another for over 3 weeks with unending marital issues, Yvonne says she knew it was time to quit.

She tells Pulse that she didn’t see the marriage going beyond the time they decided to separate amicably.

You can say that but you know when two people have lived together as husband and wife, and you have issues like this, there are complaints from both sides. I have my own complaints, I have my own issues that I am dealing with and I don’t see the relationship and marriage going beyond where we got to and we had to call it quit,” she says.

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