2,300 Americans Hospitalized Because Of Pizza In 2017, Shocking New Report Reveals

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 1:23pm by admin

Pizza is the yummiest guilty pleasure ever. It’s also quite dangerous as a new report reveals over 2,300 Americans ended up in the emergency room in 2017 over pizza related injuries.

How could something as wonderful as pizza be harmful to anything but our waistlines? The delicious gooey cheesy pies landed over 2,300 Americans in the hospital in 2017 according to a shocking new report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Apparently the gooey cheesy pie makes people so excited they end up injuring themselves for the sake of a slice. The most common injuries comes from cuts while slicing a pizza or getting a burn from a hot pizza pan. Dang, most slicers are so easy to use, with the round sharp end away from the hand grip. Burns are a little more understandable. The study it does include being burned by a too hot pie, which is something that’s probably happened to everyone at one time or another. Even though getting hospitalized for it means the burn had to have been extreme.

Believe it or not, falling while carrying a pizza is another top ‘za related injury. The study also included people who got injured while falling inside pizzerias, as well as falling while coming and going through the door to pick up their order. For some people, it was as simple as tripping over an entryway mat that caused a serious fall. The study even claims that people have ended up heading to the emergency room after falling out of bed while reaching for a piece of pizza! Okay, eating pizza in bed is never a good idea because who would want to go to sleep after consuming all of those calories. But at least don’t get hurt while reaching for a slice for goodness sake!

The CPSC’s social media manager, Joe Galbo, tells the Daily Mail that he wasn’t shocked by the number of Americans who end up hospitalized with pizza-related injuries. ‘I used to get surprised by the number of injuries associated with things like pizza or books. But I think it’s a pretty low number considering how many people eat pizza.” Americans consume approximately about three billion pizzas a year, so 2,300 injuries is pretty miniscule.

Joe advises that people be careful when dealing with pizza, saying consumers should always “cut pizza with caution.” He also advises making sure folks use a good oven mitt or an apron while getting a pizza out of the oven. And the most basic tenet of all, he says to “make sure you’re eating pizza in a manner that won’t lead to injury.” Very wise words!

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