21 Fictional But Iconic & Powerful Women To Dress As This Halloween

Posted on Oct 21 2017 - 8:48pm by admin

If you’re looking to represent some girl power this Halloween, HollywoodLife.com has a TON of strong, iconic fictional female characters you can dress as.

We’ve picked out 21 women who, although fictional, are still totally kick butt. Not only are these women fierce, but they are strong, powerful and iconic in the pop culture world. Still looking for a Halloween costume that is relevant but sends a powerful message? Then flip through our gallery of awesome fictional characters and pick one! Or more than one, if you’re up for a few costume changes — which you so obviously are.

Some of these costume ideas are a no-brainer. For example: Olivia Pope from Scandal and Hermoine Grander from Harry Potter require little to no work. You can raid your closet (or our friends closet) for something to wear, and just add the iconic staples: a white hat or a wand, respectively. The same thing goes for the women of The Walking Dead, though you’ll be adding their weapon of choice. Looking for something a little more intricate? There’s Claire from Outlander, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Peggy Olson from Mad Men. Of if you’re looking for something sexy, you could go as Charlize Theron‘s Atomic Blonde, Xena the Warrior Princess or Black Widow. And these are just a handful of the strong, powerful women HollywoodLife.com has picked as great costume ideas! You can see them all by clicking HERE.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Which one of these costumes do YOU want to wear? Comment below, let us know!

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